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UiTM ZAWFI 2020 Special Issue

UiTM ZAWFI 2020 Special Issue
Sadaqah-Based Crowdfunding:Drivers of Muslim Donor Contribution Behavior
Mohd Anim, N.A.H.
Omar, N.A.

DOI: 10.7187/GJATSI2020-1

Factors Affecting Disclosure of Fraud in Islamic Commercial Banks in Indonesia 2014-2018
Aulia Annisa Lubis
Deni Lubis, S.Ag, M.A

The Justification of Shariah, Legal and Operational Improvement in Al-Rahnu Product Framework
Amal Hayati Ishak

Determinants of Financial Literacy Among Working Local Professionalsin The Region of Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Hamdino Hamdan
Salem Mohammed Alammari

DOI: 10.7187/GJATSI2020-4

The Influence of Internal and External Factors Towards Zakat Collection of Indonesian National Board of Zakat
Novia Ariani
Laily Dwi Arsyianti

DOI: 10.7187/GJATSI2020-5

Developing a Systematic Edu-Pro Model to Jet-Boost Participation and Sustainability of Islamic Philanthropy in IR 4.0 from The Maqasid Shariah Framework
Siti Fatahiyah Mahamood
Mohammad Mahyuddin Khalid

DOI: 10.7187/GJATSI2020-6

Peranan Lembaga Zakat Selangor Terhadap Pembangunan Insan Dalam Kalangan Asnaf Fakir dan Miskin
"The Role of Selangor Zakat Board on Human Development Among the Fakir and Miskin Asnaf".
Emie Sylviana Binti Mohd Zahid
Mastura Binti Razali

DOI: 10.7187/GJATSI2020-7

Corruption and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan African Countries: An Empirical Analysis
Jarita, D.
Nur Hidayah, Z.

DOI: 10.7187/GJATSI2020-8

Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy on the Well-Being of Employed Poor Asnaf: A Theoretical Framework
Mohamed Saladin Abdul Rasool
Nurul Amyra MatIsa

DOI: 10.7187/GJATSI2020-9

Evaluating the Impact of Zakat on Asnaf's Welfare
Tika Widiastuti
Lina Nugraha Rani

DOI: 10.7187/GJATSI2020-10

Aligning the Concept of Digital Philanthropy with Islamic Ethics of Technology
Ulfah Mansurah, Z.
Aishah, A.

Determinants for Awareness to Contribute in Cash Waqf
Siti Khadijah, A. M.
Ahmad Nazri, K

DOI: 10.7187/GJATSI2020-12

Analisis Profil Pelaburan Emas di Malaysia Menggunakan Model Persons-Items Distribution Map(PIDM) Rasch
BI: "Profile Analysis of Gold Investment in Malaysia Using the Rasch Persons-Items Distribution Map (PIDM) Model.
Najahudin, L.
Siti Noorbiah, M.R

DOI: 10.7187/GJATSI2020-13