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Volume 6 Issue 2

Dynamic Model of Islamic Hybrid Securities: Empirical Evidence
from Malaysia Islamic Capital Market

Jaafar, P., Mohamad, N. J., & Ismail, A.

DOI : 10.7187/GJAT11020160602

Empirical Study on the Feasibility of UniSZA’s Staff Cash Waqf and its
Possible Impact on Human Development in Terengganu

Yusuff J. A., Murshamshul Kamariah B. M., Abdul Majid Tahir, B. M.

DOI : 10.7187/GJAT11120160602


The Law and Regulation of Franchising in Malaysia’s Islamic Finance Industry:
Problems, Prospects and Policies
Umar A. O.

DOI : 10.7187/GJAT11220160602

Islamic Education With Multicultural Insight An Attempt of
Learning Unity in Diversity
Farid Hasyim, M.Ag

Roles Of Freedom Of Religion: In Supporting The Formation of Openness
Attitude Among The Southern of Thailand Society
Mutsalim, K., Jaffary, A., Rohanee M., Zaizul, A. R., Muhamad Razak, I.,
& Siti Zarikh Sofiah, A. B.

Children’s Protection in The Issue of Hadhanah Based on Islamic Family Law
and The Law of Thailand
Rohanee, M., Abdul Basir, M., & Mutsalim, K.


Implementation of the Islamic Quality Management System MS1900
and its Benefits: A Case Study at the Department of Hajj, Waqf
and Zakah, Malaysia
Hasliza, M. A., Siti Arni, B., & Musaiyadah, A.


Taksiran Zakat Pertanian Dalam Kitab Sabil Al-Muhtadin
Agriculture-Product Zakat Assessment According To The Sabil Al-Muhtadin Scripture
Zahri, H., & Mohd Shukri, H.


Peranan Maidam Dalam Pengurusan Saudara Baru Melalui
Pendekatan Dialog Kehidupan
The Role of MAIDAM in Managing Muslim Reverts Through Dialogue of Life Aproaching
Azarudin, A. & Khadijah, M. H.

Daging Kultur Menurut Perspektif Islam: Analisis terhadap
Penggunaan ESCs sebagai Sumber Sel Stem
Cultured Meat in Islamic Perspective: An Analysis to the Use of ESCs as Source of Stem Cell
Mohammad Naqib, H., & Mohd Anuar, R.

رعاية المسنين في منظور القرآن والسنة دراسة معاصرة
Attending the Ageing Population from the Qur’an and Sunnah Perspective
Raudlotul Firdaus, F. Y., Ali Asaa, A. M., & Mohd. Shah, J.


التّأليف في مقاصد الشريعة
Publications in the Maqasid Al-Shari’ah
Ahmad Irdha, M., & Jebrel Ismail, A.