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Volume 6 Issue 1 (2016)

Mentalist vs Behaviorist : Chomsky`s Linguistic Theory
(doi : 10.7187/GJAT9820160601)

Solehah Yaacob

Role of Employers in Empowering Lecturers in Tahfiz Institutions of Malaysia
(doi: 10.7187/GJAT9920160601)

Azmil, H., Mohamad Marzuqi, A. R., & Wahyu Hidayat, A.


Transparency in the Assessment of Takaful Claims for Construction
Works Loss & Damage
(doi: 10.7187/GJAT10020160601)

Puteri Nur Farah Naadia, M. F., & Khairuddin, A. R.

The Efficiency of Halal Processed Food Industry in Malaysia
(doi: 10.7187/GJAT10120160601)

Mohd Ali, M. N., Mohammed Rizki, M., & Radiah, A. K.

Halal Cosmetics Adoption Among Young Muslim Consumers
in Malaysia: Religiosity Concern
(doi: 10.7187/GJAT10120160601)

Mohezar, S., Suhaiza, Z., & Zainorfarah, Z.

Competitiveness of Halal Industry in Maghreb Countries
(doi: 10.7187/GJAT10320160601)

Mohammed Rizki, M., Mohd Ali, M. N., & Mohd Adib, I.

The Role of Religion in Higher Education Funding:
Special Reference to Hinduism and Buddhism in Malaysia
(doi: 10.7187/GJAT10420160601)

Masitoh, A., Muhammad Syahid, A., Jamil, H., & Wan Sabri, W. Y.

Elemen Psikologi Islam dalam Silibus Psikologi Moden: Satu Alternatif
Elements of Islamic Psychology in the Syllabus of Modern Psychology: An Alternative
(doi: 10.7187/GJAT10520160601)

Fariza, M. S.

Pemimpin Agama: Model Ejen Pelaksana Dialog Antara Agama di Malaysia
Religious Leader: Model Agent for Inter-Faith Dialogue Implementation in Malaysia
(doi: 10.7187/GJAT10620160601)

Khairulnizam, M. K., Suzy Aziziyana, S., & Khadijah, M. K.

Program Zikrullah Dan Aktiviti Kerohanian Asas Pembangunan Spiritual
Golongan Belia Perlu Perhatian (PP) Dalam Merealisasikan Gagasan Negara
Zikir Brunei Darussalam
(doi: 10.7187/GJAT10720160601)

Masuriyati, Y., & Che Zarrina, S.

التعايش السلمي في ضوء مقاصد الشريعة الإسلامية:”سريلانكا” أنموذجا
Peaceful Co-existence in The Light of Objectives of Sharia’h
(doi: 10.7187/GJAT10820160601)

Shayuthy, A. M., & Mohamed Ibrahim, M. S.


ابن حبان وروايات المدلسين في صحيحه: شروط وأهداف ومنهج
Ibn Hibban and The Mudallisin’s Narrations in his Book al-Sahih: Rule, Motive and Methodology
(doi: 10.7187/GJAT10920160601)

Muhammad Rozaimi, R., & Sahul Hamid, M. M.