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Volume 4 Issue 2 (2014)

Measuring Islamic Business Ethics Within Indonesia
Islamic Banks

Gusti Ngurah, O. W., Sudarso Kaderi, W.,
Mustika Sufiati, P., & Mohamad, T.

[Full Text][Abstract & References]

The Implementation of Islamic Business Practices
of Women Traders: A Study in An Islamic State in a
Developing Country

Ilhaamie Abdul, G. A.

[Full Text][Abstract & References]

Exploring the Islamic Perspective on Tissue
Engineering Principles and Practice

Munirah, S., Zainul Ibrahim, Z., Rozlin, A. R., Mohd Yusof, M.,
Norhamiza, M. S., Noorhidayah, M. N., M. Aa’zamuddin, A. R.
[Full Text][Abstract & References]

Effect of Manager’s Role in Performance Based
Pay on Employee Outcomes
Azman, I., Mohammad Fuad, Z., Aimi, A., Hasan Al-Banna,
M., Rashidi, A.

[Full Text][Abstract & References]
Islamic Thoughts and Individuals’ Actions in the
Built Environment
Moradi Behrang, Mohd Hamdan Ahamd, Dokoushkani Farimah,
[Full Text][Abstract & References]
Ibn Hajar’s Critique of Lenient in Hadith upon the Muslim
Transmitters: A Study on ‘Abdullah b. Abi Salih (d. 130/744)
Wan Kamal Nadzif, W.J, Noor Aileen, I.

[Full Text][Abstract & References]

Sikap Dan Motivasi Pelajar IPT Terhadap Modul
Pengajaran Bahasa Arab Pelancongan
The Attitude and Motivation Levels among Institutes of Higher
Education Students
Towards Teaching Module of Arabic For Tourism
M. Najib, J., Kirembwe, Rashid A. H., Zainur Rijal, A. R., Lubna, A. R.
[Full Text][Abstract & References]

Efikasi Kendiri: Perbandingan Antara Islam dan Barat
Self Efficacy: A Comparison Between Islam and West
Noornajihan, J.

Sistem Pengurusan Kualiti Menurut Perspektif Islam
MS 1900 di Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia:
Suatu Cabaran Masa Kini
Quality Management System From Islamic Perspective MS 1900
Within Malaysia’s Higher Education Institution: A Contemporary Challenges

Hasan Al-Banna, M., Ab. Mumin, A.G., iti Arni, B.

Pengaruh Muhammad Haqqi al-Nazilli (m. 1884)
Terhadap Amalan Keagamaan Masyarakat Melayu
The Influence of Muhammad Haqqi al-Nazilli (m. 1884) on the Religious
Practices of the Malays
Wahyu Hidayat, A., Muhammad Mustaqim, M. Z., &
Sofian Sauri, H.


استراتيجيات تعلم المفردات العربية لدى الناطقين بغيرها:
الجامعة الإسلامية العالمية بماليزيا نموذجا
Arabic Vocabulary Learning Strategies Among Non-native Speakers:
A Case of IIUM

Nik Hanan, M., & Rabiatul Aribah, M. I.
مفهوم الوسطية عند السلف الصالح
The Concept of Moderation Among Islamic Pious Predecessors
Shumsudin, Y., Norhasnira, I., & A.Irwan Santeri, D. K.