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This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)
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Open Access Policy
GJAT provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.
Call For Papers
The Editorial Board of the journal welcomes contributions of papers on any topic related to Islamic-based sciences, social science, the arts and humanities whether in Malay, English or Arabic throughout the year.

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Submission & Publication Guidelines

1. All articles must be original and previously unpublished. Original manuscripts must not have been submitted to other journals for consideration for publication or previously published in a different language.
2. Articles must discuss issues that are of fundamental and international/global concern and importance. Issues may speak to and address local contexts, but they must be of significance to the greater regional, global, and collective interests.
3. Articles must contribute and add value to existing knowledge and scholarship.
4. Priority will be given to single-author articles. Unless an article merits multiple authorship, each article must limit itself to a maximum of two authors.
5. Articles submitted must be free from plagiarism. Inaccurate presentation of facts or misleading information will not be accepted.
Manuscripts can either be writtem in English, Malay or Arabic.

1. Manuscripts must be written in MS Word with the following specifications:
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 12 (only tables and figures can use size 8); 
  • Margins: 2.54 cm or 1 inch all round; 
  • Spacing: single spacing and justified.
2. Quotations of texts:
  • Quotations of texts must be of font size 11 and indented at least 0.5 cm on both Left and Right margins.
  • Quotations of Qur'anic verses and/or Hadith texts in English and Malay manuscripts must appear only as translations of their original Arabic. No Arabic texts should be incorporated in the English and Malay manuscripts.
  • In-text referencing of Qur'anic verses should give mention of the Qur'an, the chapter numbers (not the name of the surahs), and then followed by the verse numbers; e.g., (Qur'an, 2: 255; or Q. 2: 255). As for hadith texts, reference is to be made to the hadith source, followed by the volume number, and then the hadith number; e.g., (Sahih al-Bukhari, v. 3, h. 123)

1. All articles must bear the title, main author’s and second author’s names (identifying who the corresponding author is), and full contact details of each author (institutional address, and personal e-mail, cell-phone, and fax numbers).
2. Every article must include a title and an abstract. Manuscripts written in Malay or Arabic must always be accompanied by an abstract and title in English. The length of the abstract is to be no more than 250 words including a maximum of 5 keywords.
3. The length of each article must not exceed 7500 words.
4. All article referencing (in-text and bibliographical) must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style. An article-format template has been prepared for you to download and use.
5. All Arabic materials referenced in the Bibliography must be rendered in Roman lettering.
6. All manuscripts must strictly follow the required GJAT formatting standard and be thoroughly proof-read before submission. Manuscripts that do not comply with the format requirement or meet the basic publishable language standard will be out-rightly rejected and not subjected to any kind of review.
7. GJAT uses double-blind review, meaning that both the reviewer's and author's identities are concealed from each other throughout the review process.

1. All manuscripts must be officially submitted to GJAT via to be considered for publication.
2. Submission of your work to any other e-mail addresses will not be accepted.
3. All submission must be accompanied with article's Turnitin Result.


1. All correspondence with GJAT regarding the submission and publication of your work must be officially done through Kindly submit all inquiries to the official GJAT e-mail address. DO NOT CORRESPOND THROUGH PERSONAL E-MAILS!
2. Any other form of correspondence will not be entertained.
1. Upon receipt of e-mails, GJAT will notify authors of the receipt of their submitted articles within 5 working days.
2. Authors will subsequently be progressively and duly notified of the conditions and status of their articles.
3. GJAT will notify all authors of the acceptance or rejection of their manuscripts within a period of 6 - 18 months. A letter of acceptance/rejection for publication will be issued to relevant authors in due course.
4.  If you do not hear from GJAT after 18 months of submitting your article, you may assume that your submission has been unsuccessful.
5. The Editorial Board of GJAT appreciates your patience and forbearance while your manuscripts are being processed and under review. Any demonstration of impatience and anxiety will not be entertained.
Acceptance for Publication
1. Authors will be notified of the upcoming publication of their work. Letters of acceptance will be issued along with the copyright transfer forms.
2. GJAT will clearly convey its pre-publication conditions and requirements to respective authors; they are expected to comply with all publication terms and conditions.
3. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will result in the delay or non-publication of their articles.