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Volume 9 Issue 2 (2019)

The 4th Industrial Revolution: Contemplations on Curriculum Review and Its Implementation in the Malaysian Higher Education Institutes
Faizah A Majid
Ainul Azmin Md Zamin


Fundamentals of Qur'anic Education Concept: A Critical Conceptualization with Special Reference to Al-Kilȃni’s Thought
Mahmud Arif

The Influence of Middle Eastern Islamic Political Thought on Islamic Political Parties in Indonesia: The Case of PKS
Ahmad Ali Nurdin

The Development of Islamic Studies: A Proposed Model
Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi

Insight into Prophetic Ijtihād:An Analysis of Muhammad’s Legal Thinking
Mif Rohim Noyo Sarkun

Problem of Agency in Mudarabah Contract
Noraina Mazuin Sapuan
Mohammad Rahmdzey Roly

Teori Kaunseling Psiko-Spiritual Al-Ghazali: Suatu Pendekatan Alternatif
dalam Intervensi Kaunseling/
(The Al-Ghazali Psycho-Spiritual Counseling Theory: An Alternative Approach in Counseling Interventions)
Nor Ezdianie, O.
Mohd Tajudin, N.

Ketidakfungsian Keluarga Remaja Perempuan Tidak Terkawal:
Suatu Kajian Awal/
Family Dysfunction of Out-of-Control Teenage Girls: A Preliminary Study
Ezarina Zakaria
Norulhuda Sarnon

Interpretasi Ayāt Al-Tasliyah: Kajian Mekanisme Alternatif Rawatan
Psikoterapi Pesakit Neurosis Berteraskan Al-Qur’an/
(Interpretation of Qur’anic Tasliyah Verses: A Study of Alternative Psychotherapic
Treatment for Neurosis)
Rahim KZ
Mohd Khairul Naim Che Nordin

الاتجاه الإسلامي عند الشعراء الرُوّاد في العراق
Islamic Trend Among the Pioneering Poets in Iraq
Nafi’ Hammad Muhammad
Munjid Mustafa Bahjat

الأسس والضّوابط الشّرعيّة للتّبادل التّجاريّ الحاضر مع غير المسلمين: دراسة تحليليّة
Principles and Shari'ah Rules for Current Commercial Exchange with
Non-Muslims: An Analytical Study 
Muneer Ali Abdul Rab

الضوابط الشرعية في إنكار المنكر: إندونيسيا نموذجاً
Shari‘ah Controls in Denying Evil: The Indonesian Model
Muchammad Ichsan
Tamim Aziz