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Volume 5 Issue 2 (2015)

Deconstruction of Jihad Radicalism in Islamic Law: A Conceptual Proposal to
Combat Isis Terrorism in Indonesia

Warkum Sumitro, SH, MH.

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Relationship of Marital Satisfaction, Family Support and Family-Work Conflict
Factors Among Malaysian Fathers with Adolescents

Mahayudin, A.A., & Azahari, R.

[Full Text][Abstract & References]

Religiosity of Muslim Adolescents from Single Parent Families Living in
Government-Subsidised Settlement
Fariza, M. S., & Salahuddin, Y.
[Full Text][Abstract & References]

Relationship between Workplace Incivility, Job Attitudes and Muslim
Religiosity Personality among Trade Union Members
Azizan H. M., & Razlina H. J.
[Full Text][Abstract & References]

Product Disclosure Sheet of Islamic Bank in Malaysia: Home Financing
Muhammad Fakhirin, C. M., Muhammad Nasri, M. H., Nor Hayati, A.,
& Muhammad Ahmar , A.

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‘True Man’: The True Economic Man for Islamic Economics
Mohd Mahyudi
[Full Text][Abstract & References]

Financial Performance of Islamic and Conventional Banks During and After
US Sub-prime Crisis in Pakistan: A Comparative Study
Muhammad Bilal., & Hanudin Amin.
[Full Text][Abstract & References]

Personaliti Bapa daripada Perspektif Islam
A Father’s Personality from the Islamic Perspective
Izzah Nur Aida, Z. R., Salasiah Hanin, H.
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Al-Quran untuk Terapi Minda dan Penyembuhan: Kajian menggunakan
Quantitative Electroencephalograph (qEEG)
Quran for Mind Therapy and Healing: A Research Using Quantitative
Electroencephalograph qEEG
Norsiah, F., & Siti Naqiah, S.

Potensi Sistem Tenaga Suria Dalam Penjanaan Tenaga Elektrik dari
Perspektif Islam di Malaysia
Potential of Solar Energy System in Electricity Generation from Islamic Perspective
S. Siti Hafshar.
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مفهوم نظام حوكمة شركات المساهمة: النظرة القانونية مقارنة بالشريعة الإسلامية

Corporate Governance in Shareholding Companies: Comparing Legal Perspective
and Position of Shari’ah
Aznan, H., & Harith Amir Hasan, T.
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قضية الشر في الخلاص المسيحي: دراسة في منظور علم الأخلاق الإسلامي
Issue of Salvation in Christianity: A Study in the Perspective of Islamic Ethics
Syed Mohammad Hilmi, S. A. R., Masitoh, A., Jamil, H., & Abdulnaser, S.
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