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Article 49

This Article Volume 3 Issue 2

First published December 2013, doi : 10.7187/GJAT492013.03.02
Publisher Kolej Universiti Islam Sultan Azlan Shah, Perak, Malaysia.
الإعجازالقرآني في الرّسالة الشافيّة لـ " عبد القاهر الجرجاني”
Quranic Miracles in the Book of "Syafiah" written by Abdul Qaher Jurjaani
Yuslina Mohamed, Zainal Abidin Hajib, Nawal Obeid Dasuki, Kauthar Abdul Kadir
The objective of this article is to highlight points of convergency and dissimilarities in the teachings of Buddhism and Sufism in the aspect of spirituality. It describes the path of a wayfarer in his spiritual journey to attain fana’, the highest achievement and the final state of spiritual experiences in the teachings of Islamic Mysticism, and also Buddhist paths to attain Nirwana, the ultimate goal of Buddhist life. The practices and the strict code of ethics in the process of self-purification or purification of the soul, in the spiritual path to attain the ultimate goal in the teachings of both Sufism and Buddhism are also discussed.
Keywords: Sufism; Spirituality; Fana’; Nirvana; Buddhism
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