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Article 48

This Article Volume 3 Issue 2

First published December 2013, doi : 10.7187/GJAT482013.03.02
Publisher Kolej Universiti Islam Sultan Azlan Shah, Perak, Malaysia.
الوسائل العملية لتحقيق الفناء في الإسلام و البوذية
The Path to attain al-Fana’ in Islam and Buddhism
Masitoh Ahmad, Jamil Hashim
Quran is a primary resource for Islamic scientists and researchers. As a divine revelation of heaven and the source of legislation, it guides towards "sirat al-mustaqim”. The holy Quran dominates the work of great writers and scholars and has attracted their minds with the finest literary features which have been embarked in the study and have dived into the secrets, in "aagash of Quran” by Shykh Abdul Al-Qahir El-Gorjani. This study examined the miraculous Quran in Risalah Syafiah. He thwarted those who said (purely) the eloquence of Quran is non-miraculous, Even the KufrQuraisy could not perform or create Quran because Allah swt has blocked their hearts and their indictment to say that Quran is eloquence and rhetoric. This research has emphasized on "aaghash” (miracle or extraordinary) in "Risalah Syafiah” of Abdul Al-Qahir El-Gorjani, trying to explain general matters and El-Gorjani’s theory about "aaghash”, in which could be summarized that defy ‘purely’, as the main topic to be discussed. This research emphasized one of the topics related with a citation from the Quran (nas) in which could be developed and most valuable. Hence, in comparison between Al-Jurjaani opinion and Abd Al-Jabbar’s opinion is to determine that Abd El-Jabbar had influenced El-Gorjani for his view and theory about "purely” (الصرفة ).
Keywords:Miracle (Aaghash); Risalah Syafiah; Purely
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