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This Article Volume 2 Issue 2

First published December 2012, doi : 10.7187/GJAT222012.02.02
Publisher Kolej Islam Darul Ridzuan, Perak, Malaysia.

The Significant Role of the Intellect in Confronting 
Contemporary Global Challenges: The Taught of the Holy Quran
Mohammadreza Naghipour, Mohsen Pourmohammad


Nowadays, the Islamic world is confronting constant challenges in terms of physical and spiritual, as a whole. Living in such challenging atmosphere persuades Muslims to develop proper strategies for handling ongoing crises in a way arguably compatible with the Islamic codes and practices, as well as the fast growing universal demands. This paper, based on the taught of the Holy Quran, aimed to finding out a modest approach to handling the contemporary challenges. The Islamic approach towards the historical challenges, such as the way in dealing with unbelievers and intellectuals of other religions, was of special interest in this paper. 

Deep analysis of selected verses of the Holy Quran reveals that paying full attention to the special requirements for every time and place and having precise understanding of different nations’ characteristics; their values and way of thinking are among the most important factors of tackling challenges in every time. The Holy Quran teaches us that having rational and intellectual exchanges even with unbelievers are among the most important tools for the Muslims to overcome their challenges. In conclusion, Islam appreciates the role of the intellect and chooses a reasonable and convincing manner in confronting important challenges all over the time.

Keywords : Holy Quran; Islamic thought; Islamic world; Global challenges; The Intellect



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